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Residential Interior and Exteriors   Damaso Painting uses Sherwin-Williams lines including Pro-Mar, Cashmere, Superpaint, Duration, Resilience , and Emerald.

Damaso Painting will also use Benjamin Moore lines  including SuperSpec, Ben, Regal, Impervo and Aura

Damaso Painting uses Arborcoat for staining decks.


Yes and Yes. All Home Improvement Contractors in PA must be registered with the state. Damaso Painting’s registry number is PA153943. Damaso Painting is insured through Mesa Underwriters Specialty Insurance Company, You can rest assured that your home is secure and protected with a 2million liability insurance.

We service Philadelphia and the greater area including lower bucks county, Montgomery county Eastern Chester county .

We work on a first-come first-serve basis so once an estimate is given we give a time frame of availability.  The quicker our service is accepted the quicker we can schedule and commence.

Damaso painting strives to be the epitome of cleanliness. Our worksites are kept clean. Your furniture is always protected using plastic to prevent dust and paint splatter . Floors are protected using rosin paper,painter’s drops or carpet shields to prevent dust and paint splatter. After each day areas are vacuumed and tools/materials are stored in an agreed upon site.

Questions to ask a contractor

Damaso Painting has been in business since 2019 but our painters have 10 plus years in the trade

Damaso Painting knows the importance of quality work. We know horror stories from our clients and their dealings with other contractors. That is why we can recommend other trade companies who will offer high quality work. We can get you in touch with them

Paint should not be applied during times when the weather dips below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason being it takes longer for paint to dry and cure.

Dry time is the amount of times it takes the water(carrier) to evaporate. This slow evaporation leads to paint sagging.

Cure time is the time for the stabilizers in paint to chemically bond after the water (carrier) has evaporated , usually 48 to 14 days. The longer the cure time the more susceptible to paint failure.

The sheen is the glossiness of a paint finish.

Typically paint comes in Flat/matte, eggshell/low lustre/satin/medium lustre, semigloss and high-gloss paints

Interior: Flat/matte have the least glossiness/durability/wash-ability  and should be used where traffic areas are low. Think of ceilings/dining rooms.

Eggshells/velvet/pearls/satin have  high durability/wash-ability and should be used in higher traffic areas. Think of bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchen, laundry room , and living rooms

Semigloss/ gloss paints have the highest durability/wash-ability and should be used in areas where traffic is abundant . Think of doors, baseboards frames and front doors.


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    INTERIOR PAINTING COMPLETED. Wow Angel was amazing he was clean, quick and trustworthy. I got 3 estimates from other painters and Angel was by far the most thorough every question was answered and he did what he said he would do. I need some exterior painting done and I will be calling Damaso Painting back.
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    Tenin M
    Jenkintown, Pa