Interior PAinting

Damaso Painting offers stress free interior painting from the moment we meet to the amazement of a job well done. Our Painter treat your home like it was theirs. We have 10+ years of experience paintign homes and use quality paints from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

your home

Furniture and Floor Protection

We  use rosin paper, carpet shield, drops, and plastic to protect you floors and furniture.  This help protect from paint splatter and dust created from a typical interior paint job. It also makes clean up a lot easier for us. 

Misc. items

We use painter’s tape to cover items that can’t be removed such as doorknobs, thermostats, or phone jacks too prevent paint splatter. We remove window latches and  wall plates for easier painting.


Patching walls

Typically interior walls and ceilings need some spackling to fill in nail pops, small cracks , or blemishes . In some occasions large hole will  need a patch to reinforce the spackle. Larger cracks will need mesh tape to reinforce the spackle. In all occasion  the area will be sanded smooth .


After all the sanding has been done we will caulk crevices between walls and trim  , or miters between trim pieces on window, door and baseboards. We caulk after sanding is finished to ensure no dust lands on the caulk and leave noticeable blemishes when finish paint is applied.

& clean-up

Rolling walls

Our interior painting process consist of giving every previously painted surface 2 coats of paint and non painted surface a primer coat then 2 coats of paints.  We want clients to know that paint is being properly applied to all surfaces. Some color may arise where at third coat is need to completely cover an area this is true when apply light colors over darker ones.

The reason we take extra time to set up our worksite is to minimize cleaning. You shouldn’t have to clean after a contractor has finished working. We wrap up the paper or plastic neatly and throw it away. We also vaccuum the area so it’s as if Damaso Painting was never in your home.

I have used Damaso painting twice for interior painting. Each time I am impressed with his cuts and cleanliness. I will recommend him to anyone needing a great painter
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